Ania B Joe Fresh Way Home Festival Style--6Ania B Joe Fresh Way Home Festival Style-Ania B Joe Fresh Way Home Festival Style--14Ania B Joe Fresh Way Home Festival Style--10Ania B Joe Fresh Way Home Festival Style--2Ania B Joe Fresh Way Home Festival Style--8Ania B Joe Fresh Way Home Festival Style--9i’m so excited to finally be able to share with you a project that has been in the works for some time now. if you follow on snapchat (@ania_boniecka) you may remember our trip to drumheller a few weeks back. in truth we were searching for a desert landscape to shoot some festival looks for the upcoming wayhome festival in partnership with joe fresh. luckily for us, calgary has an abundance of amazing places to shoot, and whichever different direction you drive out of town you will get just as different of a backdrop. a photographers dream, our desert awaited just an hour and a half outside of the city in the badlands of alberta. think dinosaurs and amazing rock formations. we actually shot a couple different looks to get inspired for the upcoming festival season. i was going to share them all at once but choosing just a few images has never been my strong suit. we had so much fun we want to share them all with you.

as we were shooting i realized the looks were all quite different. i know what your thinking, it’s summer, it’s festival inspired looks how different could they be? to be honest i can picture every single one of these going to a variety of different events, at different times of day, spread all over the world. when it comes to wardrobe, my intention is always to play, i love playing different characters and have reasons to wear fun outfits. if i didn’t allow myself to twirl around in a midi skirt or dress up head to toe denim i wouldn’t know what made me feel my best.  this was one of my favourites. maybe the flower crown had something to do with it but don’t you think it can really give a look that injection of free spirit? the patterned shorts and my favourite white eyelet top create a youthful combination that’s made for play. do you ever put on an outfit and fill in its story? i encourage you to try, i swear i’m not crazy.  think of an exciting adventure you can take it on, and the interesting people you will get to meet while wearing it. if you want to feel playful and girly this one will be on top of your list. want to see more? stay tuned as all the looks get released throughout the day. and don’t forget to go check out your closest joe fresh store to stock up on all things festival this summer. xoxo

wearing: head to toe joe fresh

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  1. Oh my goodness Ania! These photos are amazing! Great work :). I can totally see how you embrace characters when dressing and it seems like something I should do a little more of. Luckily, Stampede is approaching, so cowgirl character, here I come!

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