hillberg + berg top editthere is something about summer that makes accessorizing so much more fun. maybe it all boils down to the lack of layers, so i like to compensate in other departments. do you ever feel like your outfit is just not complete with only a top and a bottom? no matter how cute they really are. like you need to add a little bit of sparkle to keep things interesting.

enter hillberg + berk, a home grown jewellery brand that is far from a stranger to the blog. if you’ve been reading for a while you will remember when i walked in one of hillberg + berk’s first shows at alberta fashion week… oh how times have changed.  it almost feels pre-internet to me, do you see those small pictures (i am pretty sure i was using iphoto back then, yikes!). though some things have definitely changed the essence of the brand remains the same. they have come a long way from appearing on dragon’s den (one of my faves) to designing a brooch for the queen herself, and if you frequent star hangouts, their pieces can often be found among the highly coveted luxury celebrity gifting lounges.

there is really nothing as fun as having a good arm party so i thought i would share some of my favourites from their spring/summer 2015 collection, gabria bracelet, dina bracelet + salma bracelet. i would say they are perfect for stampede (which they are), but i have something else planned to show you for that and i think you’ll love it. let’s just say these babies aren’t leaving the party anytime soon. stay tuned to see more of my hillberg + berk must have pieces coming very soon.

in the meantime, we partnered with hillberg + berk for the duration of the summer to help you sparkle a little brighter too! use the coupon code #ANIABSparkle to receive 10% OFF on your entire online purchase at happy shopping! xoxo

hillberg + berg bottom edit

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