Ania B Heartloom Zuma Romper--4 Ania B Heartloom Zuma Romper--2 Ania B Heartloom Zuma Romper--17 Ania B Heartloom Zuma Romper--5RETNA Ania B Heartloom Zuma Romper--3 Ania B Heartloom Zuma Romper--8the perfect summer outfit and literally the perfect spot. in la there is an abundance of places to shoot and sometimes they happen to jump out at us in the most unlikely places. this retna piece is almost fully hidden unless you’re looking but it’s more than worth keeping your eyes peeled for. i’ve been having a major case of june gloom for the last two weeks or so and i just can’t shake it off, the weather, as always, plays such a huge factor in my levels of motivation and it’s been nothing but grey, and i have been nothing but bed bound. it seems that everyone but me is enjoying beautiful summer in the sun (and, for the most part, by one beach or another), as far as instagram is concerned. thankfully there isn’t much time to sulk because as always we have lots of amazing projects on the go. the fido mobile music video is now out and you can check it out here, our project with aritzia is live and getting lots of love over on instagram, we just wrapped up an exciting stampede collaboration with anzie and holt renfrew (stay tuned for all the coverage coming next week), and we have a fun weekend planned ahead with kiehl’s. you can stay connected in real time over instagram and now also live over snapchat (@ania_boniecka). tune in and let’s have some fun! xoxo

wearing: heartloom romper, chloe faye bag, zara sandals

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  1. I just came across your blog and I must say that I’m in love with it! The photography, the layout and of course, your style. I’m looking forward to future posts! 🙂

    / O.R.R. || Life & Personal Style Blog

    • Ania says:

      thank you so much for leaving a comment. it means the world to me and i am thrilled you are enjoying the site. exciting new things are always coming 🙂

  2. Bryanna says:

    Hey Ania, This blue art wall is amazing! Where did you shoot this?

    • Ania says:

      it’s a mural in LA, by pacific design centre, by an artist called Retna, there are a couple pieces of his in the nieghborhood. one of my favorites. this one is hidden behind a parkade, you can only see if from a few blocks away as there is a building right in front of it. there is a beautiful Shepard Fairey piece on the adjacent wall of that same building 🙂

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