Ania  LA Arts District Style--3Ania  LA Arts District Style--15Ania B Stella Tibi Style-Ania  LA Arts District Style-Ania  LA Arts District Style--14Ania  LA Arts District Style--23Ania  LA Arts District Style--16Ania  LA Arts District Style--25Ania  LA Arts District Style--11Ania  LA Arts District Style--21Ania  LA Arts District Style--20we have been sitting on these images for about a month now, the weather at home is finally catching up so it’s time they get posted. its always tricky gauging when things will be most relevant. trends are so fleeting now and we always want to maximize the amount of fun we have with fashion. just like in the previous post i am still very much obsessed with denim and more than ever it has reached this place where anything goes. head to toe denim can be spotted equally on the runaways as it can on the streets. naturally, then i spotted these stella jeans from across the room. when i first saw them on the pages of a magazine i’ve had my eyes peeled. perhaps a little pricey for a pair of jeans but what a find none the less. a straight cut leg with coloured painted stars was all i needed to take this look from minimal to a little more fun and light. can we also talk about these tibi sandals. i’ve been searching for the black versions everywhere in the belief that you can never have too much of a good thing. the platform has been making a come back in a big way and even though more tricky for me to pull off because of my already elevated height i would never dream of passing this one by without having some fun with it first. what trends are you anxious to try out this spring? xoxo

wearing: club monaco tank, gap denim jacket, stella mccartney jeans, tibi sandals, coach swagger bag

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