Ania B RW&CO ELLE_45Ania B RW&CO ELLE_4020150503-20150503-3I5C0316-EditAnia B RW&CO ELLE_36Ania B RW&CO ELLE_46 Ania B RW&CO ELLE_51 Ania B RW&CO ELLE_50Ania B RW&CO ELLE_44rw&co. teamed up with elle magazine to design your perfect dress for spring 2015. this newest collaboration from the canadian brand takes us boldly into the season. with the eight piece collection the dresses cover the whole spectrum. from the black and white flowy maxi to the light, fun summer dresses to a cocktail pencil cut, elle has dressing up, down to a science. we took my favourites out around hollywood because wearing a pretty, feminine dress really helps to play. my current mood feels very western, throwing on some thematic accessories does an amazing job of breaking character. you can really tell festival (ahem!), stampede season is on my mind. after being confined under layers and pants all winter there  is nothing like the freedom of wearing a skirt. the collection is now available in stores and online at which one will be your go-to?

wearing: quilted satin dress with cutout shoulders + printed maxi dress 

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  1. Love the unexpected styling of the blue dress. I never would have thought to westernize it, but it looks great on you! Thumbs up :D.

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