20150324-3I5C3017-Edit20150324-3I5C2902-Edit 20150324-3I5C1710-Edit Untitled 20150324-3I5C2265-Edit20150324-3I5C3582-Edit20150324-3I5C3410-Edit20150324-3I5C3391-Edit 20150324-3I5C4128-Edit 20150324-3I5C4187 20150324-3I5C3518-Edita couple of weeks back we introduced the first launch of stellasport, it’s been a while since my last workout due to our crazy busy schedule. our recent trip to socal gave me no excuse but to go outside and get active. we took to the beach to shoot the second round of my new stellasport gear. it turns out the temperatures can be very deceiving in la, the light hooded vest offered needed relief from the cool ocean breeze. it’s not summer yet. at the time we were so groggy waking up at 6am to catch the beautiful venice beach sunrise we almost missed taking the time to appreciate where we were. now looking at these images the colours really couldn’t be more perfect! i am OBSESSED with everything adidas and this collection proves once more they have this sportswear thing pretty figured out. of course, having stella mccartney at your side for 10 years and counting can’t hurt either. me thinks i really earned that avocado toast after a jog up and down venice beach and there was no way i was wasting time changing out of these clothes. with the recent shift in athleisure and it’s focus on lifestyle i can head to lunch right after my workout without thinking twice about what i’m wearing. stellasport is available right here in canada at your local sportchek! i promise – it’s easy to be faithful to a workout program when you can look good doing it! go get your sweat on! xoxo

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