Ania B RW & CO SUITING--26Ania B RW & CO SUITING--8 Ania B RW & CO SUITING--21 Ania B RW & CO SUITING--19 Ania B RW & CO SUITING--15Ania B RW & CO SUITING-Edit-Ania B RW & CO SUITING--4 Ania B RW & CO SUITING--28funny how things have a way of coming full circle. i have been back helping my brother around the office this tax season, voluntarily and at his request i suddenly found myself back at my old stomping grounds falling right back into old habits and patterns. i was actually quite surprised how well some of these things stuck. i have been lending my hand with training mostly but what’s really nice is being able to be close together again. having grown up separately from each other makes you appreciate the moments where you can be satisfied with just being in the same space and words aren’t always necessary. all the time spent at the office (around other people) also has me inspired to dress up every day. there really is an added incentive to pay more attention when you get dressed when other people are watching. i have gotten so used to getting dressed up on shoot days and taking sweat-pant days for editing. i function at two polar opposites and let’s face it, that doesn’t really help with a routine, which ironically also makes my job that much more exciting.

for those of you, who like me, are excited to get dressed up for work every morning rw&co. opened their newly designed suit lounge. if you are feeling like it’s time for an upgrade, are looking for a new spring look or want to know how to take your pieces from day to night for those days when you just can’t make it home before grabbing drinks with your girls, you can now visit rw&co. in store or online for inspiration and affordable options you can play with endlessly. when picking out my look for the shoot i was caught between so many combinations of colours and styles that i took the decision with me to the till and just ended up going with my gut. the final result is something between sporty and business, to prove that you can suit up for just about any occasion… in slate grey of course. and now, for a limited time, you have a chance to receive 30% off all suiting (visit the rw&co. website for details). happy shopping! xoxo

wearing: rw&co. blazer, trousers, top, cap & accessories

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  1. I can totally see this look transitioning with ease from day to night with just a simple unbutton! Also, love the photo of you giving someone off screen shit ;). xo

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