Ania B Maje Coat walking-Ania B Maje Coat--12Ania B Maje Coat--3Ania B Maje Coat-8410Ania B Maje Coat-8533Ania B Maje Coat-8337Ania B Maje Coat--7Ania B Maje Coat--2a yellow cab in the background always signifies good things, doesn’t it? it’s how we came to think of new york: the walking, crossing, yellow cab filed streets. it’s what makes the photos and we love it. naturally then when we find ourselves in a place where sidewalks are busy and people don’t even look twice we take advantage, even when frozen. surprisingly also, all smiles, regardless of the temperature, which can be easily attributed to the energy of this place. i thought, if i am going to go all pink then obviously the next time we’re going in the opposite direction. i’m fresh after watching advanced style so colour right now seems like it will always be a good idea (though i know i’ll retract that statement soon enough, as i have my black acne outfit waiting for my work day tomorrow morning). funny enough this maje coat travelled with us all the way from new york last fashion week just to return and be worn for the first time where it came from, might as well have left it in a storage unit to have saved myself precious suitcase real estate. you only live once so these joshua sanders slip ons were also another good new york idea. it’s all about making quick decisions and never letting go of ‘the-last-of’ anything. lesson learned. xoxo

wearing: maje coat, bcbg top & skirt, club monaco jeans, joshua sanders ny slip ons, aritzia baseball cap

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  1. Just watched Advanced Style and was very touched and inspired; thanks for the hot tip! Love your coat :D.

  2. This is a winner Ania! Top and skirt combo is killer

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