Ania B Valentine's Day Gift Ideas-2as always, valentine’s day completely creeps up on us. it’s tyler’s birthday and it kind of takes the back seat. it’s actually quite hard to figure out how to celebrate both things properly and at the same time, but i guess we have nothing but time to figure it out. i like to think we can just take it one day at a time. for all you lovers out there that are struggling with finding good gifts this year i took a little trip to chapters to find some perfect candidates to melt those hearts this valentine’s day. after all it’s not about how much money you spend but about the thought and quality of the gift. our friends at chapters are doing such a great job at curating these really special collections season after season that even those who find gifting challenging will breathe a sigh of relief. from stationary, candles and sweet treats to gardening aids and beautiful picture books, there are countless ways of expressing your gratitude for that someone special. know where their passion lies and choose accordingly. my personal favourite this year are succulents and cactus plants, taking the chalkboard plant pots and planting something beautiful (and low maintenance) is a wonderful and unique gift that doesn’t break the bank but takes that extra thought and effort, i found mine at plant terrariums in calgary. you can browse through chapter’s own gift guide here for more ideas and remember, where there’s a will there’s a way, and still lots of time so don’t panic. xoxo

clockwise from top left: boxed pen, $18.00, lolita print, $29.00, ‘don’t let it slip away’ soap, set of 3, $14.50, hug + kiss treat bags, $12.95, be mine cookie, $6.00, the fashion book, $14.95, chocolate loves strawberry tea, $14.00, kate spade journal, $24.00, saxon chocolates, champagne + raspberry truffles, $27.00, paris in love by nichole robertson, $21.50

Ania B Valentine's Day Gift Ideasclockwise from top left: the house gardener by isabelle palmer, $45.00, the gardener’s garden, $89.95, chalkboard flower pots, $10.00 each, decorating with plants by satoshi kawamoto, $29.99, coral handle trowel + fork, $15.00 each, herb garden markers, $18.00

VDay Ania Bclockwise from top left: 100 ideas that changed street style by josh sims, $ 36.95, flamingo art print, $20.00, sulivan & bleaker candy set, $15.50, kate spade pencil set, $20.00, love by edward monkton, $12.50, xo cookies, $6.00, hearts + arrows tokens, $12.95, pure peony blush candle, $18.00 each

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