Ania B GAP Resolution Denim-1gap resolution dypticAnia B GAP Resolution Denim-18 Ania B GAP Resolution Denim-11gap resolutionAnia B GAP Resolution Denim-8Ania B GAP Resolution Denim-22what  crazy week… month. first month of the year behind us. it’s always the hardest one isn’t it? funny how we divide time up in these blocks that help us compartmentalize our lives in ways that really shouldn’t make any sense. time is continuous, that january would be hard but as of february 1st we can take a deep breath and thank heavens it’s all over, that is all a product of our inability to let go of external measures. but yet february is upon us, it’s our birthday month (both tyler’s and mine) and it’s fashion week, which means new york for a glorious 7 days! and in just two shorts days (ok, two and a half) our resolution denim collection launch with gap and a fun filled evening at their chinook centre location celebrating the smartest in denim technology. get all your details to attend HERE. i’m getting super excited about denim as one of my favourite trends for spring, to get the wheels turning i use pinterest as a source of inspiration, visit my denim board (in-progress) and come join me this thursday to test drive your favourite denim looks up close and personal. did i mention you will get 30% off your favourite resolution denim jean for just trying it on, get to have a one-on-one shop with yours truly and enter to win some cold hard spending money! doesn’t get better than that! xoxo

wearing: gap resolution true skinny jean, gap tencel denim shirt, gap slip – on sneakers

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