wearing: topshop sweater, top, skort & socks, zara heels (similar), daniel wellington watch, all saints necklace
i know i know, i have been slacking on the blog posts lately, but all for good reason. our trip to new york was a great success. seeing it through completely different eyes then when i was there modelling and experiencing teenage angst, let me just say, what a dangerous place for that to happen. coming full circle and this time on the other side of it all. thanks to some wonderful people in my life we were lucky enough to attend some shows and have a nice taste of what fashion week is all about. with the amount of work we had coming into it we did very little planning, apart from seeing the jeff koons’ exhibit at the whitney we had a lot of exploring to do… insert shopping joke. coming back home to a flood of things to do is really nice. i feel so connected with calgary and really love to see it flourish the way it has over the last few years. so much more is yet to come. last week we partnered with hudson’s bay on a very fun event at their chinook centre court to present my must – haves for fall (read the recap here). i wanted to make sure my outfit topshop gifted me for the occasion was well documented, so, naturally,  i took it back with me to new york to photograph. love that the streets in that city, no matter what corner you turn, are all made for street style. what a great place to grow, BUT not all things are meant to be this easy. we will be back soon enough. xoxo

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