after calgary’s never ending winters, i come into the spring season vouching i will never wear any colour… ever again, and end up with a closet full of crazy patterns and bright neons, this happens every year. i can’t stop myself, the warm weather and my hard earned tan (and hear my vanity in this next thought), that looks good with everything, they are hard to ignore. inspiration is everywhere and california calls. we get to pretend for ten days during the stampede, but people out there live their lives like that all year round… jealous. one way of manifesting colour in my life has become nail polish. it has become an actual everyday thing for me, i can no longer wear my nails nude, they literally feel naked. sent me this o.p.i sampler to try, i was away and then i sat on it for a couple of days not sure if it will work on me, then i tried it and it was like instant summer. i’m a big fan of o.p.i in general, thanks to their large brushes and fast drying formula, but after this i will not hold back on trying a new colour ever again. you can see all the results on my instagram and get your own o.p.i neon colour set HERE. xoxo


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