wearing: propaganda cami (similar), big blue jeans, hat (similar), fair goods necklace, forever 21 shoes
the warm weather has everyone buzzing. retailers across canada have jumped in and everywhere around us we see spring. i leave you for the weekend with some of these easy casual basics from plenty and their #13for31 campaign. throughout march you can follow their social media channels (@getplenty, #getplenty) for your look into your spring essentials and how their favourite 13 bloggers throw them in the mix. obviously just because it’s spring doesn’t mean the colours started changing yet, i promised less layers not more colour. all in due time, however. keep your eyes peeled for some of my favourite finds in this years early deliveries & shop the look below. happy weekend xoxo

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  1. Love these shots! If you don’t mind me asking.. where did you take these? I’m trying to find some good photo locations! 🙂

  2. Ania B says:

    thanks Melanie, we live in the SE so we often end up in the industrial areas of the city, especially in winter time, there’s hardly many photogenic spots here in those months 🙁

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