first real one for fall and last one this week before a super busy weekend. some more goodness from topshop today and still trying to contain my excitement. so long moved on from the summer sneaker and to a more appropriate quilted leather. at first it was infatuation, but then it went full throttle obsession and finally i scored a real leather bomber on the site, thank you globalization and the world economy. i love being away from the city from time to time and coming back to find hidden treasures everywhere i go. instead of trying to keep up with the standard bi-weekly zara deliveries, i found it easier to relax and just enjoy the finds when i do saunter into the store. some major life lessons. victoria has provided the rehab i needed. i’m looking forward to wesjet getting onboard wi-fi services so i can do this while i’m rested and sitting down, not on my way out the door. regardless, happy thursday. xoxo

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