20161210-0z2a9800-edit 20161210-0z2a0177-edit 20161210-0z2a0095-edit 20161210-0z2a9862-edit20161210-0z2a088720161210-0z2a0015-edit20161210-0z2a9837-edit 20161210-0z2a0414-edit 20161210-0z2a9637-edit I threw a little curve ball at the holiday season dress code with this post. We’re very used to the sparkle and the glamour but it seems a lot of people forget that having fun is also a big part of dressing up! Being unexpected and different is actually a good thing, plus it will give people something to talk about over holiday break. There couldn’t be a more perfect brand than Topshop to embody the spirit of the anti-cliché. With the full silver skirt we are still paying an homage to that sparkle we all know and love but adding the studded leather gives the outfit a little more edge. Knowing how everyone is so over 2016 I think we could all use a little more of that in our lives right about now, am I right? Another great way of being unexpected this holiday season? Mixing and matching textures and fabrics: lace, metallics and leather, all great on their own, but put them together and you have yourself the ultimate anti-cliché holiday look! xoxo

wearing: topshop jacket, skirt, bodysuit, shoes & necklace

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  1. Jaka piękna spódnica! <3

  2. Love how you guys went for an unexpected angle with the top-of-bar photos. Adds to the message of anti-cliché. Also, loving your hair colour here!

    • Ania says:

      Hahah, Channeling Coyote Ugly, but honestly that bar is my favourite place in that building, we needed to feature it in a big way 😀

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