amidst all the falling in love with new seasons’ trends we have also fallen under the full spell of the opening of the new topshop location at chinook centre. i say ‘we’, because in this case, i am joining the ranks of so many of my fellow fast fashion hungry peers that up till now had to envy our western neighbour (and overpay on tax)… full throtle. even though no new details have been revealed at this time… or yet, other than my exact whereabouts on the fast approaching 11.02.13, i wanted to celebrate early with this super cute little denim overall dress combo. while the weather still permits and before cold face becomes an issue for the next few months we are outside as much as time allows. stay tuned for more fall favourites and more information on one of the most anticipated openings in the city this year. xoxo

p.s. blogger is turning my b&w into sepia. i don’t know how to remedy it at this moment and am too tired to claim it a pressing matter, but appropriate tweets will be sent out tonight. to those who are having the same problem and have figured it out, don’t be shy and share the knowledge. 

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