starting to model at the ripe age of 14, the perks of having someone do makeup for me probably ruined my relationship with adorning my face with it as an adult. there are moments, however, during which i wish i have been forced to learn how to do it myself. now when the occasion calls for it i have to say i am pretty useless with make up application, not only do i enjoy the convenience of having my lips clean (for the occasional mid day snack) but also the ease of taking naps (no makeup stains on the pillows) and going to bed without giving myself an hour to prep my face. having said all this i am totally into makeup! who doesn’t love going to sephora and looking through the shelves of literal eye candy. i have a makeup kit at my house and an unhealthy addiction to eye shadows (neither of which, apart from some select jobs, sees the light of day), but hey, how can i possibly resist? another of my favourites is stumbling upon amazing new finds, in this case, having them find me. i have been familiar with the make up forever line from some of my pro friends, but not until i tried their aqua collection that i became a lifer for the brand. the waterproof liquid lip color in aqua rougue #8 is that perfect red, and it lasts, and it lasts until you literally take it off yourself, so accommodating for those mid day snacks. the double ended tube gives you the option of wearing it matte, or if you chose, a lacquered finish. the aqua eyes in matte brown has become my go to eye liner, it doesn’t run or smudge, it doesn’t wear of. so easy! and it sure helps in the constant victoria rain. their newest addition is the artisan brush collection, with beautiful wooden handles, it prides itself on being the most expansive luxury brush collection available today. there are still a couple products i am waiting to try, most curiously awaiting an occasion to wear the  green lagoon aqua cream. stay tuned, and in the meantime find your own make up forever favourites at sephora or make up forever boutiques. xoxo

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