a selection of blogs were chosen to participate in the trial of a very well-known-to-me- brand, biorésince about my 18th birthday i have been struggling with choosing the right skin care, ‘they’ tell you that everyone is a dry, normal or oily skin type, as if you can pinhole people into only three different categories? clearly whoever came up with that system has never lived in calgary. i have worked with a plethora of makeup artists, each of whom has their own tricks and tips for the best skin care. in the end it’s just not an easily transferable skill, it’s such an individual process and routine that you have to figure out your own ways of fighting blemishes (not to mention diet).
i have been a big fan of the bioré deep cleansing pore strips for some time now. i even got tyler on the program (for proof click here), anyone remember the scene in princess diaries where mia is sitting at home working on her computer and michael walks in? … big fan. and they actually work! so naturally when i heard about the opportunity to test out some new products for the brand, i jumped on board. the new line includes their complexion clearing blemish fighting ice cleanser alongside the acne clearing scrub and the blemish fighting astringent. the task was simple: to use the products for two weeks in combination with the weekly use of the cleansing strip and report on your findings.
my thoughts? i really like this product. i’ve tried different cleansing methods, i’ve done the three step process with other brands and what i like about bioré is that there is no secret rubbing method or order of using the products. simply wash your face, scrub away dead skin and feel great. i didn’t pay much attention to the names on the bottles until i felt a tingling sensation from the cleanser, it feels icy and cool on your face (who would have thought!) it’s refreshing and different. just like the strips, i like that these are products so individual to the brand, just as cleansing products are individual to your skin. i like how delicate the scrub is on your face, it doesn’t feel like lathering sand paper into your pores, which with age, i am finding is something i really started paying attention to. maybe there is no secret to aging skin, no fountain of youth, just as aging isn’t the answer to disappearing acne (kids, what they tell you about puberty is a lie). i have yet to warm up to the astringent portion of the program. with the dryness we experience in calgary (and the lack of proper cotton pads) it feels more like an optional step. so now what? i would recommend bioré to all of you looking to try out new skin products. i can’t tell you it will work the same for you as it did for me, but after two weeks of continuous use of the bioré cleaner, scrub and strips i am happy with the way my face has been feeling. with all additional strain from the summer sun it’s the perfect way to relieve your face at the end of a long day. for more information on the full bioré product line, visit their website xoxo

Make Bioré complexion clearing products your secret weapon to help fight all forms of acne and prevent it from coming back. Add a pore strip to your weekly arsenal and instantly pull away pore-clogging dirt and oil for healthier looking skin in 10 minutes flat. 

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