links of london friendship bracelets, t by alexander wang sweater

ok how friggin’ excited would you be if you opened the mail and a links of london bracelet was just sitting there beautifully wrapped waiting for you. so this happened to me. i am such a huge fan of their friendship bracelet collection, brought on by my friend jennie who got matching ones with her boyfreind. my first one was what became infamous around here, the skull bracelet. while i was at holt renfrew for the christmas season for the past two years i’ve been eyeing the comings and going of the colorful arm candy, lusting after more. the double wrap bracelets are my favorite right now, had a hard time deciding between the light and dark colors so i decided to mix it up a little. 100% sterling silver these beauties take the bracelets we used to love as kids to another level. which one should i splurge on next? xoxo

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