sadly i will be missing the calgary comic expo this weekend, the guest line up is out of control this year: casts of walking dead, game of thrones and lotr just to name a few (you know the nerd inside you is having an aneurysm right about now). having just been to the vancouver fan expo last week i thought in light of not being able to see the cosplay at the grounds i can at least share what i saw over here on the coast. even though the magnitude of the vancouver convention shys in comparison to its neighbor, the enthusiasm of the attendees makes up for what it lacks in size. having had some media issues in vancouver we are going to try for the pax prime in seattle at the end of the summer, i will be curious to see what these events have to offer on the other side of the border, something tells me that things are not only bigger in texas. stay tuned. for this weekends’ coverage of the calgary goings on check out their instagram feed @calgaryexpo, because pictures are always worth a thousand words. happy weekend. xoxo

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