You know that moment, when you come home from a long day at work, running errands or even just relaxing, and the first thing you want to do is jump into a hot bath. Guaranteed you know that feeling well. I’m feeling that way right now and I literally just stepped out of a hot bath. I say this often, but water really does have some supernatural healing properties, and I don’t know what it is but I could soak in it for hours. These moments at our house are almost exclusively brought to you by Rocky Mountain Soap Company. I don’t want to come off biased because they are a home grown company but I am definitely one of their biggest cheerleaders. Rocky Mountain Soap has gone through a very interesting evolution ever since Karina Birch bought out the company from it’s original owners and has since transformed into a growing Rocky Mountain empire. A complete overhaul was had with a focus on beautiful aesthetic, amazing, organic and natural products and a customer experience that matches, if not surpasses, those of other international bath & body and skincare brands. And because they also happen to operate right here at our doorstep, in Canmore, Alberta the more reason to show support and pride in their amazing work. I was asked to host their Holiday kick off in-store event last week. I thought I would take this opportunity to give you a better glimpse into the world of Rocky Mountain Soap Co.. But before I do, and because it’s gift giving time, first let me introduce you to my ultimate Rocky Mountain Soap Company Holiday Wish-List:

ania-b-rocky-mountain-soap-co-59Shop my favourite holiday scent, vanilla candy cane, buy individual products or gift sets HERE, this scent comes out ONCE a year in limited quantities, it makes the perfect gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself so make sure you pick it up while you still can! Pick up a bath bomb at one of their many locations and indulge in a relaxing soak after work or before bed.

ania-b-rocky-mountain-soap-co-61The perfect gift set for literally anyone on your list, Bathing Bliss or Peace and Calm, both come outfitted with a candle (bonus!), bath salts and their famous sugar scrub, it will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and relaxed.

20161120-20161120-0z2a2071-editThis is the best smelling set of the bunch (imo). Awaken, includes the Revive aromatherapy spray, eucalyptus bath bomb, Aloe There soap, peppermint lip butter & vanilla mint hand cream. Perfect to energize and re-fresh.

ania-b-rocky-mountain-soap-co-64For the ultimate Rocky Mountain Soap Co. lover try the Holiday Hand Picked selection aka. the essentials. It gives you a nice sampling of all the different products including lemongrass body wash, juicy orange soap, travel day cream, mini foot butter, vanilla coconut hand cream & calming face mask, it also makes for a perfect travel set!

ania-b-rocky-mountain-soap-co-63One of my favourite Rocky Mountain gift sets is the Men’s Stuff box, the scents are masculine and the products actually work! I don’t think the boys will need convincing.

The Factory

As every story has it’s beginning, Rocky Mountain Soap Co. products are all manufactured right here at home, at the gateway to the Rockies in Canmore, Alberta. The Rocky Mountain Soap facility is growing and expanding every year. The best part about it is that it is a completely transparent process with an open door policy inviting anyone and everyone to come and take a factory tour to see how each product is made. The tour costs $25, which covers the tour itself as well as a $20 gift card to spend on your favourite products. We actually paid them a visit twice this year already, both times learning something new. For example the Rocky Mountain promise to all natural products goes as far as actually salvaging juice pulp and turning it into a limited edition scent, this isn’t an every day practice but whenever there is an opportunity, nothing goes wasted! On your tour you will see the offices, the Rocky Mountain labs, the packaging floor and the product storage facilities. If you ever wondered how your online order gets prepared you can watch the entire process from start to finish. Ever wonder how lip balm gets made? You will leave enlightened. The baking process of many of these will almost make you feel like you’re visiting Willy Wonka. For those select few, a peek at  the rooftop is a nice bonus to conclude your visit, with the view of the Three Sisters it’s easy to see where the brand draws it’s inspiration and perfect balance.

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The Party

Just in case the factory doesn’t leave you in awe and full of inspiration you can also visit one of their eleven locations across Canada (or visit their online store, for an extra dose of beautifully handcrafted products. The Calgary Market Mall location is the newest addition to the Rocky Mountain Soap Company family, it is also the most beautiful. It was the perfect venue then, to host the Holiday kick-off event. I invited some of my favourite bloggers and creatives in the city to join me for an evening of shop talk, catching up and learning about sustainable beauty. Centre of attention, was none other than the Vanilla Candy Cane collection, and I don’t think anyone left without stocking up on their holiday bath essentials. I got home that night, drew myself a hot candlelit bath and felt thankful to have these guys right here in our corner. So a huge CHEERS to our friends at Rocky Mountain Soap Company for inspiring us all and to their continued success with taking over the world! Make sure you have a Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Gift Set sitting under your Christmas Tree this holiday season! xoxo

rmsc-3 ania-b-rocky-mountain-soap-co-69 ania-b-rocky-mountain-soap-co-85with Kelly from

ania-b-rocky-mountain-soap-co-70 rmsc-4ania-b-rocky-mountain-soap-co-77 with stylist Crystal McKenzie

ania-b-rocky-mountain-soap-co-80ania-b-rocky-mountain-soap-co-74 rmsc-5ania-b-rocky-mountain-soap-co-84  with blogger babes Jen Rachel, Alanna Davison, Reese Nguyen


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