dusan dusan sweater (still life), citizens of humanity jeans (suasion), cheap monday blouse, forever xxi cap, topshop runners, plan b paul rodriguez skateboard
photo by tyler stalman
this one is all smiles for you guys today. the weather has been amaze, life in general is treating us well, lots of planning and work and setting of goals, things i don’t think will cease to be part of an everyday routine. weekend in vancouver aside from all the rain could not have been more perfect. it’s no secret that i can not skateboard, never could, probably never will, this one is 100% tylers’ property, we paid a visit to a west 49 about two weeks ago and we got to pick out some new swag (mine is coming up as soon as we have a sunny weekend) BUT it did go nicely with the color theme and as i helped pick it out i’m going to take the credit and the moment still life posted the watermelon sweater on their instagram i was at their door knocking. the perfect summer knit, what more could you want. xoxo

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