zara sweater, h&m top & pants, dr. marten’s boots
photo by tyler stalman
first week in victoria behind me. and a new apartment and finally i know what we can plan and do and what to expect. someone told me today that places with nothing are really good for making things. another friend said she will soon be visiting, even though i heard that the islanders are not very open to new people on their territory i am planning to have everyone try some of my kool-aid ha! think positive. in my quest to make us a beautiful home i abandoned any cravings for new clothes, strayed away from online shopping, and in my attempt to just take it easy and settle in i have put off going in to the local boutiques to say hi to everyone, however, next week i need to start setting up for the next freq issue. so there will be plenty to do soon. next week hopefully, the january freq issue will see light of day, check out my instagram for early updates. xoxo

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  1. Laura says:

    welcome to victoria, such a beautiful place to live isn’t it?

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