french connection coat, american apparel circle scarf, zara hat & gloves, h&m dress, cole haan boots
photo by tyler stalman

i survived day one of being all alone in victoria. not only that but i managed to have a super productive day and on the itinerary was a delicious heart soothing polish restaurant (skinnytato) which makes me think that it will make my homesickness a little less severe for the time being. tyler can’t seem to put down his new toy, the fujifilm xe-1 (courtesy of me) so that has become the new camera for our everyday photos. of course i had a hugely productive run with all my new christmas presents, most notably the big peggle master title earned on my new ipad mini (refer to my instagram feed). it’s still hard to get used to the idea that i am here now and not going back home for anything but visits, that my stay in victoria won’t be over next week or next month. now to figure out how to get rich… xoxo

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  1. Kate Leola says:

    i’m so excited for you! i think we might have the same boots…
    best wishes <3

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