photo by tyler stalman
oh dear lord. i have been absent for quite some time. i’m currently writing from victoria. my new home. still trying to find a home rather, and settle into what it’s supposed to feel like. charlie took it like a real man, i was so happily surprised and thankful that we didn’t have any problems with him, thank you dr. sevick (let’s note boys and girls, only take your pets to the vet outside of town). i had to consolidate a really large chunk of my closet to make everything fit in my surprisingly spacious car, i still feel scattered and out of my body though, as i am trying to figure out this not so materialistically dependant existence. wish me luck. i will be posting regular updates starting next week again, for now here is one enough to give you a seizure and recover by then. oh and happy new year! that one snuck up on me quite suddenly i must admit. xoxo

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