photos by tyler stalman
in calgary again. this time for a good solid month, taking care of business so to speak. and how much business has already rolled our way, always grateful for being busy. here is an oldie but a goodie (pre-bang and just at the tip of spring, but i have been hunting that topshop skirt ever since i saw it in their campaign at the beginning of the season, when i finally ordered it it came in a tad too big (nothing a safety pin here and there won’t fix). it’s easily one of my favourite pieces for spring. as every good fashion obsessed girl knows this is the time to start cleaning our closets, however, to make room for the upcoming fall/winter finds, check back soon and stay tuned on facebook for your invite to our annual clothing sale, myself and a couple of equally obsessed in the city will be parting with some of our most treasured possessions (emphasis on fashion of course) on june 22 in victoria park. new rule for this year: if it hasn’t been worn within the year, it’s up for grabs. i can’t wait to start sharing it all with you. we start posting june 3rd. get ready calgary. xoxo

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  1. Tabet says:

    great pictures and an amazing outfit.
    I love your skirt. Suits you so good.

  2. This is one of my favorite outfits on you so far. Where was this shoot done? I love the look of that big tree against all the pretty little lilac flowers.

  3. Amazing look… Lovely Skirt!

  4. I too was nervously checking Topshop on a daily basis to make sure I got this skirt ever since I saw it in the campaign, I’m glad I did though, love it so much! These photos are gorgeous and show it off so well 🙂
    Rosie x

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