korres came knocking and i answered. this 16 year old greek brand has been introduced to shoppers drug mart this year with their pomegranate collection and you should be excited. i’ve been asked to test out the products. with the whole move i left them in victoria and had some time this past week to try them out when i was visiting tyler. the one type of beauty products i use and love most are skin products so this was definitely an easy sell. it’s easy for me as a blogger to receive swag from companies and praise it,  the truth is that that is kind of why i started blogging, the perks keep it exciting, i get a flow of content and i get to interact with my favourite brands. there is also more to the truth, for example that i DON’T post everything that comes my way, and i most importantly never post anything unless it’s really something that i would consider buying independently of free access (hence my always present readiness to hear from h&m… ahem!). SO when i am telling you about korres this means that after trying it out, applying, reapplying, sleeping on it and applying some more, apart from the pretty, modern and clean packaging and the excitement from luanne (she did a lot of research before they even arrived) this is a legitimately solid line. so i could spend time telling you about the pomegranate extracts and the benefits for your skin, about the list of ingredients and the whole spiel that it’s paraben free etc. etc, all of which you can find out for yourself based on the already promising photos. instead i prefer to tell you how it’s environmentally friendly, beautiful to look at and effective in use. and that i learned a thing or two. who knew they made a treatment to absorb oils and minimize the appearance of pores (yea i stole that one… but really was not aware of mattifying treatments before this happened, hello priorities). so yes, next time you’re in the skin care aisle take a look at something new, something that pleases you… something european… mmm. it makes me miss home, it also reminds me that it will be time soon to start planning for santorini. xoxo

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  1. looks amaze! xx

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