it’s been a while since my last make-up post. summer kind of takes the pressure off with sun-kissed skin and a natural glow. lucky for us it’s fall again. a bitter sweet ending to the scorching summer heat, which we have been happy to have for a change in the last couple of months. it will soon be time for darker tones and a more put together look. something that is always kicking around my make-up bag are products from smashbox. the girls in calgary are always updating us about new products and trends for upcoming seasons. over the summer i fell in love with the o-plump lip plumper, it’s become one of my favourite products for going dancing (for the time period between about 11:30 and 12:00 when we’re still put together, dry and not drenching sweat like we just did an 80’s aerobics routine, think saved by the bell and click here). another great one i recently picked up from the brand is the whipped cheek colour. i am kind of looking to get away from the heavy cream blushes i use and this seems like the perfect compromise. go over to the smashbox website for more new releases and inspiration for your fall make-up picks. xoxo

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  1. Oh, I love Smashbox:) I use their primer every day!! <3


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