a couple of weeks ago luanne and i took a quick trip to edmonton for the launch of malorie urbanovitch at coup boutique in edmonton. the photos have been kicking around for a while now but i wanted to make sure they get on here sooner rather than later. both because i loved LOVED coup and i want to be able to feature our stylish neighbours, many of whom i have met for the first time thanks to the blog. every trip i take to edmonton has so far been somehow planned around shopping at west edmonton mall. this was entirely different and as a result i saw so much more of the city, which i fell in love with, maybe because everything was relatively new to me and looking at it with my blog in mind i saw a ton of great spots to shoot and feature on the site. i will be going down there soon before the summer’s end to make sure that i have not missed my chance this year so stay tuned. right now we are out the door to enjoy our 30 degrees of what is left of the best summer to date. xoxo

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