zara jacket and shoes, h&m cap, blouse and shorts
please don’t persecute me for this post title, but i couldn’t help myself. all those times i wanted to take a photo and use a cliche pun like this… even though nothing is really on track at all. there is nothing really to be on track to begin with. for the first time in a while i am lucky to say that i am just living life and enjoying coming up with creative projects and things to do. no drama and no worries, and a vacation to look forward to at that, which i am sure ‘they’ will make me feel guilty about as usual. breathe, stay calm, and carry on. i feel like a lot of things are changing in my life, there are things about myself i am learning as i grow older, things that i have also noticed in my older freinds as they have been at this similar stage in their lives. there are others also, who are moving on (they know who they are), the city feels different as well. through all my frustrations i am learning that maybe to leave things be is the only solution. complaining until you are blue in the face just doesn’t change anything, that only works on family and people who love you haha! the thing is to do your own thing, disregarding the surroundings. so maybe there is a track, and if so i do feel like i am on it after all. i am looking forward to this summer, more than i have ever before, there will be lots of pictures to take and a lot of people to meet, and it will be ok just to be normal, which i guess has always been a fear of mine. on a side note, if you haven’t heard through the grapevine that is facebook about our clothing sale next week and are in the calgary area check out all the goodies we are previewing on our event page HERE. i will be posting all the detials for the sale tomorrow so stay tuned. xoxo


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  1. almaa. says:

    świetne połączenie! Kurtka jest niesamowita 🙂

  2. I love this jacket! I want it…thanks for posting 🙂

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