i was asked to take part in the globe and mail mother’s day special edition of the style section this month, i thought it was the greatest opportunity and a wonderful mother’s day gift for my mum, you can’t just buy memories like these. she came through amazingly, it was her first (well second) shoot now and she was such a great sport. it was also also a bitter sweet experience because this was the last shoot that wilkosz and way and i did in calgary, exactly one day before they were leaving for berlin. regardless the pictures of my mum and i are so wonderful, i will cherish them forever. and a huge thank you of course to tiyana grulovic from the globe and mail for making it all happen. i hope you all have a great mother’s day with those special ladies in your lives. for all the other beautiful mums and their stylish children visit or click here. i only had a change to quickly take photos of the paper this morning, so no fancy scans for you today, i will try to replace them with better quality images during the week sometime. xoxo

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  1. Unreal, this is amazing Ania!! You and your Mum look so beautiful!!

    Meag xx

  2. Raj says:

    So sweet! A couple of months ago the Globe did a small piece on my Mom and I and she was thrilled. Seriously, it made her so happy it was crazy.
    You and your mom look awesome, and your pants are amazing!


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