Just before the weekend we had the pleasure of hosting the lovely team from Winners & Marshalls Canada along some of Calgary’s amazing media crowd at Alforno Bakery. It’s a very rare and special treat when we get this much love and even more so when it goes into the wee hours of the night. Time flies when you are having fun they say and this was no exception. The food was, of course, delicious. Alforno is by far one of my fave spots in the city, I missed it so much I hit it up twice last week in fact. The attendance was actually a great mix of old friends and some of Calgary’s new bloggers whom I have not had the chance to meet before, proving that YYC is bursting with creative energy and style every way you look.

I got straight off the plane coming back from Palm Springs and headed for the nearest Winners to shop for my favourite items for Spring to showcase during our dinner. I had so much fun browsing through the racks for amazing deals from Miu Miu inspired ballet slippers for $29.99 to a Margiela trench coat for $360 (!!!), and did I mention all the Céline I found, all at over 70% off?! Like the crazy hoarder that I am I ended up hauling a shopping cart full of clothes and unfortunately, for the sake of space (and aesthetics) a lot of it got edited out, but my faves remained. The girls were just as excited because I ended up selling quite a few pieces straight off my rack, and everyone knows that if you find something you love at Winners you take it, because tomorrow it might (probably will) be gone!

Watch this space for all of my #WinnersFabFind selections throughout the coming months and keep checking your local store on the regular, because with new deliveries on the daily you won’t want to miss out! xoxo

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