It was an exciting week in fashion and a major win for print everywhere with the announcement of the newest Vogue title, Vogue Poland! The expansion into Eastern Europe is scheduled for next year (2018) but my mind is already spinning. With our recent trip to Warsaw I see clearly why Conde Nast would choose Poland as it’s newest market. Warsaw is, for the lack of a better word, SO HOT RIGHT NOW, not to mention the spending power has been growing steadily over the years, ‘Last year, KMPG valued Poland’s luxury fashion market at 2.2 billion Zloty ($584 million), and forecasts that it will increase 28% by 2020’ (BoF). Everyone we talk to about the European landscape agrees and young professionals are pouring in like fresh water.  Artists and entrepreneurs alike are transforming this city from just another European capital into a real hot spot. With the vast history and the growing culture it really seems like Eastern Europe is finally getting the validation it deserves. Between you and I, a move to Warsaw at least for a couple of months sounds like a dream right now. 

From “Vogue Poland will tap into the emerging Eastern European market with its authoritative voice, and has appointed Filip Niedenthal as its launch editor-in-chief. The title will launch digitally in early 2018, with the print edition to follow under the license of Visteria. Niedenthal’s professional background has seen him at the helm of the Esquire Poland launch, as executive fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar Polska, and as editor-in-chief of travel magazine Podróże. Model, actor, and Vogue cover star Malgosia Bela has been appointed editor-at-large”

Read the BoF exclusive article here: 

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