Twice a year we are lucky enough to be part of a select group of bloggers to fly down to Vegas and take part in the #BloggerProject. The event is only a small part of a bigger Project Show. Project started as a mens contemporary apparel trade/trend show and quickly grew to encompass women’s apparel as well. There is 1 girl blogger for every 3 guy bloggers and it’s a total blast. Our job at the show is to explore the latest and greatest, chat with the brands and spend our time shooting content, basically a dream! It feels strange even saying the word content on the blog, almost like breaking the illusion of what it is that we really do, kind of like when reality tv never acknowledges that it’s reality tv, I always thought that was strange. Anyway… Because we get to basically run around, pick outfits and then decide where and how to shoot them (i.e. full creative control!) and do it a whole season before they become available in stores! Talk about exclusive preview! We end up having such a fun time in Vegas each and every time we visit. You don’t get to see a lot of the content on the site because it’s very much social media focused (make sure to check out my instagram for all the pics) but luckily because of the latest Instagram gallery update we ended up shooting way more than we planned, hence we actually have all these extra shot to show you. In retrospect we should be doing this for every shoot because we get to utilize some really fun locations. It actually makes me think that we should be down in Vegas more often, you can literally travel the world without even leaving the strip. What a bizarre place! These were taken at a pretty sketchy motel down by the Stratosphere, which coincidentally was also one of the first places I’ve stayed in Vegas (even celebrated NYE 2011 just around the corner from there). The pink accents save it from become completely condemned and as a result, unknowingly provide for one of the more iconic locations on the strip. xoxo

wearing: Scotch & Soda top, pants & jacket (Fall 2017), Stetson hat, Sonix sunnies, Gucci bag, Zara shoes

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