The time in NOW and I mean it. For those of you who already own Dyson products you know they are worth every penny but if you were ever on the fence about dishing out the cash to buy your very first Dyson vacuum, now until October 26th is your chance to save $100 and get the highly coveted and talked about cordless Dyson V6 cord free vacuum at Best Buy and for $299.99!!! I don’t normally get this excited about sales but in my new role as a domestic goddess I am totally down for saving money where I can. Home appliances can get really pricey, especially if you want to get the best, newest versions of everything. Because you didn’t just renovate your home and put in brand new floors to be cleaning them with an ancient and bulky unit that you inherited after your parents decided it was time to buy a new one for themselves (ya! that happened!).

Did I also mention that we have a cat? And as of recently he had a friend, and there was two cats chasing each other around the house shedding and leaving trails of kitty litter wherever they went. It’s a situation that can turn sideways very quickly. Think of that crazy cat lady who’s wallpapers smell like cigarette smoke – shudder! The cordless Dyson V6 cleans all types of floors which works great with our lifestyle, we have both hard floors and area rugs both of which need to be cleaned on the regular but also unexpectedly. With its convenient docking station we can leave it charging and then easily access it on the fly whenever the occasion calls for it. And let me tell you, after I thoroughly clean the house every little dust bunny drives me completely insane.

This vacuum may be small but it’s powerful and it will give you up to 20 minutes of power fade free suction. And don’t think the people at Dyson would ever leave you hanging, the modular design lets you convert the main unit into smaller hand held versions for spot cleaning upholstery and reaching those tricky corners. Most importantly for me it takes minimal amount of space, as important as a vacuum is, I don’t want it taking over my life. With things coming and going at all hours of the day we are low on storage space as it is. It’s funny how much history repeats itself but after renovating our condo I am having so many flashbacks to when I first moved out. Then a Dyson was but a mere wish-list item, I never thought I’d get to bring one home with me. Luckily, this week Best Buy is having this insane deal on the V6, so you can get your dream Dyson for $100 off and add some true luxury to your home, visit and Happy Shopping!

photos by Allison Seto

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