The holiday season is an idyllic time of year: warm fireplaces, friends, family dinners, kisses under the mistletoe, perfectly wrapped presents under the tree….Ok stop! Lets get real for a moment. As the holiday frenzy approaches we are spending more time circling the mall parkade than being in the actual mall, we’re looking for the perfect secret santa gift (in hopes that we receive something equally as good!) while resisting the temptation of just buying a gift card. We’re realizing that our holiday dress from last years office party no longer fits, we’re trying to find a present for that guy you just started dating that you know nothing about- and frantically trying to get a hold of our “fun friends” so we don’t have to spend New Years alone watching everyone’s insta-stories (thanks a lot social media for constantly giving me FOMO!)

Regardless of how you spend the holiday season (there really are no rules), what better way to make them more festive than with a cocktail in hand? CÎROC French Vanilla is the perfect beverage option for anyone looking to dial up their cocktail game. CÎROC French Vanilla pairs the rich and creamy taste of French Vanilla with the impeccably smooth texture of CÎROC. This NEW flavor launched in Canada just in time for the holiday season! Whether you are looking for a gift idea or are hosting a party that will force you to put your bartending skills to the test, CÎROC French Vanilla is an ultra premium vanilla flavoured vodka will have everyone wanting another round! See below for one of my favorite recipes. And hey, you just might get that perfect kiss under the mistletoe after all!

Please celebrate responsibly!

Ciroc Star-Martini

  • 35ml CIROC French Vanilla
  • 15ml Passionfruit Syrup
  • 10ml Rhubarb Aperitif
  • 25ml White Peach Puree
  • 5ml Lemon Juice
  • 50ml Champagne (on the side)

Garnish with passionfruit floated on the drink

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  1. I really love the way you take images, I dream if you have a personal photographer! 🙂

    • Ania says:

      Thank you so much, yes, my husband and I work together and he takes all the photos 🙂 So you could say I do have a personal photographer 😀

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