Opening Ceremony is celebrating their 15th anniversary with TORCH, a new reworked collection of the brand’s most iconic pieces. It is no surprise that OC’s founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are still on top of their game (after all they were crowned Homecoming King and “Most Likely To Succeed” in high school).

Before we had instagram to tell us what was cool, we had Opening Ceremony. They had become known for their innovative fashion collaborations, from Chloe Sevigny to Spike Jones. I will never forget the first time I walked into their LA location (also known as Charlie Chaplin’s former dance studio) and seeing every streetstyle book I had come to life- This was where all the cool kids shopped and hung out! And that’s how my relationship with Opening Ceremony began.

Here we are today, with a collection exclusively available at Holt Renfrew for a finite period of time (and when I say “exclusive’, I mean EXLUSIVE! Holt Renfrew is only 1 of the 5 vendors worldwide, and the only one in Canada, that will be carrying the TORCH collection). Most of the styles are unisex (good news!! expect to see the return of the classic OC varsity jacket, and the short B&W version for the very first time!) Check out the lookbook and to learn more about this dope collection and shop in store now!

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