Western wear is HOT HOT HOT right now and it’s no surprise that Canadian born Karla Welch took to her roots to collaborate with the most iconic denim brand in the world. To celebrate 501 day this year Karla x Levi’s did an insane collab focusing on all the things we love most about denim. Keeping the lines classic but also adding modern elements into the pockets and washes. The collection, very sadly, will not be available in Canada, although if you have a USA connection I suggest you use it for this one!

Being in the Levi’s LA HQ was incredibly inspiring, right off of sunset blvd. it’s probably the coolest place to work, the back houses the zen garden of my dreams, with porches and sitting areas  perfect for working on a beautiful day so you don’t have to sacrifice being outside or being productive. The walls are of course decorated with all the incarnations of the 501 Jean, which for those of you who don’t know was Levi’s first jean as we know it today. Made famous by the addition of the rivets, which, believe it or not, have an actual function and that is to strengthen the pant at points of strain, which was originally used for miners in the US who needed lasting garments for their intensive labor. To this day they are the quintessential work jean, but are also synonymous with rebellion and style and have that instant cool factor that no other jean will ever be able to reproduce. It’s quite telling how loved the 501 really is when you see stylists and celebrities reaching out for it instead of a premium or designer denim. I love that they are accessible to anyone and I love the beautiful history it carries. My parents used to own denim stores back in Poland and having grown up around denim, quality of fabric has always been the most important factor in the way I choose my jeans. It’s obvious to see that Levi’s IS denim. No amount of hype can match the history and reputation that this brand holds. For those interested in the history of the brand I highly recommend watching the short doc below:

We were invited to come celebrate this iconic day in LA with the Levi’s team and to attend an EPIC concert put on by the brand featuring Yeah Yeah Yeahs, SZA and Lauryn Hill. The room was packed with celebs and cool kids alike and I even spotted Sarah Paulson mingling with the crowd, celebrating her involvement with the Karla x campaign. We walked in right when Karen O started the first words to ‘Maps’ and I was immediately transported to the days of my own rebellion in New York City when I was an 18 year old brooding teenager and thought that my life had a soundtrack lol! It was an unforgettable night and we are honoured to have been part of the celebrations. This years limited edition 501s come with beautiful gold hardware and a very special 501 stitching on the inside of your denim. It’s a collectors item that you will want to hold on to forever. Watch the video we created to celebrate 501 HERE, i hope it brings back some of your own Levi’s memories. xoxo

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    Hello AniaB! You’re so pretty and I like all your clothing style and Levi’s is my all time favorite brand.
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