When you spend the majority of your life with someone, like Tyler and I do, and I mean 24/7, date night becomes a novelty that can be quickly forgotten and time becomes a relative concept. Which anniversary are we celebrating? When are we celebrating it? Going out in public is a great treat for us. Because we work from home and don’t actually have colleagues we see everyday, social gatherings are our opportunity to get that often-missed experience. Being in Calgary always allows us opportunities for normalcy and date night is at the top of the list. Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and Calgary was just coined one of Canada’s top ten most romantic cities so what better time than to make time for that long-awaited date. We were invited to join the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra at one of their Rush Hour concerts (Tweet seats included) and loved the idea of being able to use our phones during the show. I have re-discovered the vast potential of this beautiful space and the talented musicians creating one of the most romantic settings in the city.

There is no better way to start a date than to actually make it into a big deal, when you are in a long term relationship it’s easy to fall into routine and habit so creating those moments where you are both trying to impress each other is essential to a date’s success. Head & Shoulder’s asked us how important hair and scalp care is to a relationship and it immediately took me back to a dry skin spell I had at the beginning of us dating. Self-confidence can be a real struggle on the onset of any relationship, let alone when you are having problems with your body that even you don’t understand. I’m not one to get embarrassed easily but at the end of the day it was Head & Shoulders that totally saved the day. Tyler and I have completely different types of hair, mine is super fine and bone straight, his is thick, very curly and basically retains everything it comes in contact with, so he has to wash it quite often. As a result, there is always a bottle of it in both of our bathrooms, keeping our scalps flake-free and moisturized and allowing us to focus on actually enjoying each other’s company.

Canada is extremely dry in the winter time, Calgary even more so, so my prep for any big event always includes a mani/pedi, facial and scalp treatment, keeping my skin moisturized and flake free. Head & Shoulders 3 Action formula cleanses, protects and moisturizes to keep my scalp healthy and hair smooth and most important ready for anything. We all obsess over skincare and spend countless hours ensuring that we use the most effective products. Our scalps are an extension of this regimen and need the same amount of attention. And, ladies, we all know there is nothing more satisfying then a good hair day, especially shared with someone we love. xoxo


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