As you may already know we took on quite a project at the beginning of summer. We decided to renovate our apartment. Correction. Two apartments. Simultaneously. While we were living in one of them. It started with looking for the perfect house (if such a thing even exists). We looked at at least 40 listings and because we were preety specific about the details (area, square footage, finishes etc.) it was actually really difficult to even settle on something we could begin to like. Not to mention the sizes of homes at this particular moment in time are kind of a joke. 3 ‘bedrooms’ are more like a master and two closet sized dens, barely big enough to be a room of a toddler let alone a teenager or an adult… or a fashion bloggers closet ha!

And so begun our journey to renovate, beautify and improve our current living situation. The hope was that we were going to move in with my mum, being alone and us always being on the road I wanted to make sure you had the optimal set up. We ended up moving into her apartment, and moving her down to the unit directly below ours. It just so happened that they were both at our disposal and under her ownership for some years now. Being her rental property, however, the place downstairs was never cared for properly, and the place upstairs was INSANELY outdated. I will have so much more to tell you about these renos and the entire process as we start photographing these spaces, currently just waiting for the painters to come and finish the kitchen and bathrooms… so another few weeks away.

UNTIL THEN, though, we are having THE TIME OF OUR LIVES working with EQ3 picking out furniture for the impending completion of our dream living space, and in true blogger furniture picking fashion, we are taking you on the whole journey with us. I have to say I am SOOO excited that this step is finally here, the photogenic part of the program is about to start and we have LOTS to show you. Design is obviously something that is really important to both Tyler and I and EQ3 is basically our one stop shop for all beautifully designed furniture and accessories.

The Calgary store in Deerfoot Meadows, is conveniently right next door to Ikea, which bodes well with the part of me that likes to save in certain areas and then splurge in others, best of both worlds right here at my fingertips. The best part about EQ3 is that it actually IS very affordable, the perfect place to start building your collection of beautiful things that will follow you throughout your life. You can most definitely spend the money is you wanted to, Herman Miller is on full display at every EQ3 showroom, fully customizable and giving you an aspirational glimpse into your future. I urge that you go and watch the Eames documentary on Netflix immediately! Unrelated > I LOVE buying lighting so that is my ultimate guilty pleasure. Seriously not enough power outlets in my house.

The one thing that I have a really hard time with is disposing of old things but with this reno I have vowed to make a fresh start with EVERYTHING, even my mum’s place was completely gutted and all her old furniture thrown away, she is in turn inheriting a lot of our most loved pieces that we just didn’t have a heart to let go of. The focus right now will be creating the perfect living space, dealing with everything room by room will help us compartmentalize and stay cohesive to the bigger whole. We have been regulars at EQ3 for the last few weeks, measuring, deciding on fabrics and taking pictures of all of our favourite pieces, because there is never enough inspo. We carefully picked our must-haves and even got an extra nice surprise when we were told the dining room table we didn’t think we could have will be available in the measurement we need, making us one of the first people in Canada to get it on order! On top of all the insane home decor porn, the EQ3 team has been so easy and helpful to work with. The in-store decorator are at the ready to help with any design advice or to answer all of your questions. Many of the pieces found in the showroom can be customized and with so much visual overload it’s hard to focus on just one thing (hence we walked out with TWO coffee tables and just decided to layer them, because that’s totally a thing now).

The EQ3 selection has been my favourite since I moved out of my parents house in 2008, my mum now has our EQ3 bedroom set and my old office has my very first purple velvet chair I bought there all these years ago. It was literally THE ONLY place in the city where I was able to find beautiful, streamlined, white nightstands. Sometimes I am amazed at how hard it actually is to find beautiful modern furniture. North America is generally quite rustic so our options are limited. It’s great to have a place that you can always turn to when you need something simple, bright and beautiful. Not to mention, Marikmekko and Herman Miller for the ultimate win! I can not wait to show you what our new living room will look like, stay tuned and make sure to visit and your local EQ3 store to see their latest collection! xoxo

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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    What a simple moderne furniture place. Simply beautiful living lifestyle! 🙂

    🌸🍃LA BIJOUX BELLA 🌸🍃| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  2. Isabella says:

    These furniture pieces are amazing! Wanting me to redecorate my apartment!

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