It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Canada Goose. We’ve had some good times together and they prove time and time again not only how amazing they are as a company but also how amazing the quality of their product is. On our most recent trip to Sundance we had the perfect opportunity to put the Goose to the test. We didn’t just go there to look for the perfect winter conditions though. Sundance Film Festival was about to begin just as we got into town. Canada Goose is one of the event’s title sponsors, fittingly so as film crews just about anywhere use the jackets for behind the scenes filming and some in the movies themselves.

The Sundance trip could not have happened at a more perfect time for us. As 2017 started, and in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve REALLY gotten into skiing. Like I wish we could be out on a hill every spare moment we get (granted that isn’t that often but still…). It’s been a while since I have taken up a new hobby and I almost forgot how it felt to be newly excited about something this much. It’s awesome by the way. I am discovering everything for the very first time. Even though I tried skiing back when I was a teenager, my brother, then also instructor, scared me off of skis for the next decade. Ten years later the thing that got me back on, was, not surprisingly, the outfits. When you live in Canada you always hear the same excuse about how hard it is to stay stylish in the winter, how wearing a parka ruins your look and how everyone seems to be completely helpless. I’ve gotten to resent that argument quite a bit, especially looking at brands like Canada Goose and seeing what an amazing job they are doing breaking those stereotypes and really pushing winter dressing to new levels. Winter 2017 has been the winter that turned it all around for me. Look at the Liberty Parka. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the silverbirch version waiting for us in the Deer Valley house. Along the Liberty we also had a closet full of coats to play with during our stay and every one took us on a new adventure.

The geography of our stay is worth explaining. Sundance Film Festival doesn’t actually happen at the Sundance resort anymore, as it outgrew the venue it moved into Park City, this is where we spent most of our time, wined and dined and caught daily movie screenings. Our house was located in Deer Valley, a neighbouring suburb with an incredible ski resort, more on that later, and finally Sundance Resort is where the festival first started, this is the famous resort owned by Robert Redford who was responsible for the festival in the first place, it’s also worthy of a post all on it’s own and that’s exactly what I am going to do. Because this post proved to be quite difficult to cut down this will only be part 1 of 2 of our latest trip with Canada Goose.

On Main Street wearing the Canada Goose Black Label Liberty Parka + gloves, Hunter Norris Field Boots, Acne Studios beanie, Zara jeans

Because we were the first people to arrive at the house we took the opportunity to document the amazing space. The group was bigger than we’ve seen it before and we were split into two houses, ours, the party house as it was soon coined (no thanks to grandma Ania and grandpa Tyler) has got to be THE ultimate in alpine luxury. We called dibs on the room with the bathtub (duh!), and the moment resembled something out of a reality tv show, regardless it was ours (definitely made up for the 2 hours of sleep I got the night before). After exploring every nook and cranny (screening room, elevator!, outdoor hot tub) we took the opportunity of some free time and headed to Main Street Park City to witness the not-so-calm before the storm. The set up was in full swing for the Festival starting the following day. It was incredible to see just how much work goes into it because quite honestly we would have never guessed how huge this festival actually is, not just for film but media of all kinds. Youtubers, vloggers, bloggers, journalists and photographers were all already there filming, shooting and scoping it all out. And there was us, doing the exact same thing. I know it’s supposed to make me feel like hey we’re not the only ones, but I don’t think I will every get used to the strangeness of our jobs.

The forecast called for a very snowy week and tbh I was quite nervous but soon we discovered just how beautiful the snow in Utah really is. They say Utah snow is the best snow in all the world and after our visit I can vouch that it’s definitely the best I’ve ever seen. It made for fun photos and even better skiing, it wasn’t intrusive and it stayed quite consistent. In the first few hours we managed to do a full shoot, meet and shoot with a friend who shot my look for Amazon’s Style Code Live, catch a movie (Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, and yes Al Gore was there), have dinner a feast at Handle and explore the amazing shopping that Main Street has to offer. I may have just found my new favourite spot, skiing in the winter and wild west in the summer. This could literally not be a more perfect combination.

Down a block from Main Street Canada Goose set up their festival headquarters, the Canada Goose Base Camp became a watering hole for celebrities and festival goers alike. Heated seats, a premium coffee bar and the insanely warm Expedition Parkas on display (and to play + fur free for the festival this year) were reason enough to attract the whole town, which as it turns out grows more than 5x it’s size during the Sundance Film Festival. There was also a printing station, busy printing the thousands of photos with the #CGxSundance hashtag. At night it became a green room for artists like Common who was performing during the festival. The structure of the Base Camp surely went with our Canadian heritage, the tents built to resemble igloos and a beautiful projection played throughout displaying the great white north, watch our Vlogs (Tyler’s & mine) from the trip to see more of this breathtaking space, serious #designgoals!

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