ania-b-samsung-whistler-4ania-b-samsung-whistler-3 ania-b-samsung-whistler-28It’s mid January and I can’t keep you guys waiting any longer. I thought long about what my first post of 2017 should be. There is always the popular recap post of my proudest moments of 2016 (and there has been many… #blessed), but I’m just not a very big fan of looking back. We took a big part of December off to chill at home, do some small house renos (which we will be sharing on here as soon as our italian cushions decide to arrive… going on 6 months here!!, insert unimpressed face emoji), and spend time with family. We held my annual clothing sale at the beginning of December, which was a great success, thanks to you guys some of my favourite pieces are now getting worn and loved all over again! We shot some epic new photos and felt really sad to be saying goodbye to a really incredible year. Like I said though, from here on out we’re looking forward and already we’ve had some incredible adventures I can’t wait to share. January is all about embracing winter, we lined up some amazing trips this month and, knowing this spent the majority of boxing week hunting for stylish winter gear. For those who have undergone that same feat know that the struggle IS real. We got out alive with some EPIC looks I can’t wait to wear, starting with this white suit I frankenstined together from pieces I’ve found around town and on the web. You’d never know it wasn’t meant to be worn together though.

This look came together just in time for our first trip of 2017. Samsung hosted us during the Whistler Deep Winter Photo Challenge where a select few photographers have 72 hours to come up with a cohesive & thematic photo story then shoot, edit and assemble the images to present to the judges, the winner walks away with a cash prize and some sweet Samsung gear. We really loved seeing everyones slideshows, these guys are not only photographers but they are also skiers and boarders themselves which means there was some really intense captures, think shredding the snow, shirtless jumps (in -20 degree temperatures) and access to some of the most raw terrain. Attending the event was only a small perk of being in Whistler, however. We spent the majority of our time playing around in the Samsung Galaxy (pun intended). I got my very first Samsung Galaxy S7, entering the world of android devices for the very first time. Together with the phone we also tested the Samsung Gear Fit 2, which turned out to be quite a perfect fit for the occasion. The ability of the devices to talk to each other allows us to see in detail all the information connected to specific activities throughout the day, a really cool feature also is the connectivity it has with your network of friends, you can see and compare everyone’s results in real time. Competing just got a whole lot more interesting. Samsung Gear IconX wireless headphones were one of my favorites to play with, this came in really handy during travel takeoff and landing… you know, because I can’t be the only person annoyed at being asked to take your earbuds out on the plane? Great features here include built in mp3 player, fitness tracking and a slick case that also doubles as a charging station! Finally one of Tyler’s most anticipated, was the Samsung Gear 360, a VR compatible camera that allows you to document the world around you, connect to your phone so you can live monitor what you are recording AND gives it all to you in 4K resolution, which also means that taking stills from your video footage will be a piece of cake. There is some BIG news for the blog coming very soon, and as we get to spend more time with all our new Samsung toys you will also be able to learn more about each of these devices more in depth on the blog very soon. Stay tuned, and in the meantime let the fresh mountain air wash over you as you experience the perfect start to 2017 right along with us. xoxo

wearing: karbon jacket & under layer, the north face apex sth pant, von zipper goggles, salomon skis, samsung gear fit 2

ania-b-samsung-whistler-14samsung-whistler-christinesania-b-samsung-whistler-2 ania-b-samsung-whistler-32 ania-b-samsung-whistler-22 ania-b-samsung-whistler-33ania-b-samsung-whistler-7 whistler-blackcomb-chair-liftania-b-samsung-whistler-30ania-b-samsung-whistler-1 ania-b-samsung-whistler-23

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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Beautiful photos! Simply delightful! 🙂

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  2. Laia says:

    A very successful outfit for the snow. I love!

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