ania-b-altitude-sports-1 ania-b-altitude-sports-16 ania-b-altitude-sports-2 tyler-woolrichania-b-altitude-sports-24 ania-b-altitude-sports-23 ania-b-altitude-sportsania-b-altitude-sports-33 ania-b-altitude-sports-20 ania-woolrichania-b-altitude-sports-28 ania-b-altitude-sports-12 ania-b-altitude-sports-10 ania-b-altitude-sports-34Every year we hope for a white Christmas, and 2016, despite being a questionable year for a lot of people, totally delivered! We got the most beautiful, photogenic white Christmas we could ever imagine. Before we got to enjoy the beautiful winter weather, though, there was the snow storms that made it all possible, and of course it was during one of those storms we thought it a good idea to venture out to Banff to take some photos (!)  Just days before we received a pair of beautiful Woolrich John Rich & Bros winter jackets via Altitude Sports so to mix things up a bit Tyler agreed to appear in front of the camera for a change! He’s definitely on the shy side when it comes to getting his photo taken, but I think with some practice we can make him into a model yet. These were more than perfect for our getaway, it didn’t stop snowing all day and the coats are the perfect amount of water resistant we needed to stay dry.

Every winter I set out to perfect the winter outfit. If you live in the northern hemisphere you know all too well how hard it is to stay stylish and also feel warm and comfortable during those coldest winter months. The challenge, therefore is quite an undertaking. Thankfully with places like Altitude Sports shopping for stylish winter gear is a lot more managable. They even curate a selection of their top pics for ‘the Chalet’ and winter in the city and with their membership program you can get additional discounts throughout the year. Being in Canada and living so close to the mountains it’s all too perfect for us. Even with the whole four months of summer we need outdoor apparel and accessories all year round.

The winter just begun and we are already planning a trip to Whistler and Sundance come January. With boxing week in full swing we will be stocking ourselves silly with all the outdoor, ski (and aprés ski) and winter sports gear that we can find. My inseam is already proving to be a challenge when it comes to finding snow pants but that only means I have to get all the more creative. I can’t wait for you guys to see all the amazing looks we’ve been putting together! As I can’t beat the coming of the cold weather I might as well embrace it’s full potential. xoxo

wearing: Woolrich John Rich & Bros parka (now 40% off), Joe Fresh sweater, Zara beanie, Ugg boots

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  1. Oroma says:

    You both look great! Amazing photos as always <3

    / O.R.R. – Life & Style Journal

    • Ania says:

      Thank you so much. It was fun having someone else in a post with me for a change. Stay tuned for some additions to the site coming very soon, you may be seeing a lot more of Tyler 🙂

  2. Chantsy says:

    I love that coat! I saw it on your Instagram and needed more detail 🙂 Ottawa has had so much snow in the last few weeks… mama needs to stay bundled! haha

    • Ania says:

      You will LOVE this coat, it’s perfect for the snow, the fabric is water repellant and it keeps you warm and dry so you can have all the fun you want in the winter time without sacrificing comfort… or style 😀

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