ania-b-eos-holidays-34ania-b-eos-holidays-33ania-b-eos-holidays-22aniab-eosania-b-eos-holidays-4 ania-b-eos-holidays-3 ania-b-eos-holidays-31ania-b-eos-holidays-13 ania-b-eos-4ania-b-eos-holidays-30ania-b-eos-holidays-18ania-b-eos-holidays-14Here we are again if you can believe it! The holiday season is upon us! Every shop is putting up their Christmas decorations early this year, Netflix started suggesting Holiday movies at the start of November and I am already thinking of my holiday check list. We didn’t get to celebrate last year, it was the first Christmas without my dad and nobody was in a festive mood. Though it’s still nearly impossible to go all the way back I am definitely feeling in the spirit of the season. You can find me in the seasonal aisle picking up decorations, wrapping paper and filling up everyone’s stockings early this year. I am also the queen of impulse purchases, and those checkout items were made for perfect stocking stuffers. Among those, eos lip balms, which coincidentally are also at the top of my list! And if there is ever anything I recommend people have multiples of, it’s lip balm (and bang combs). Because it’s one of my favourite treats to receive (or buy for myself) I also love to give it. I pack one for every handbag I own and you will never catch me without one. Think car glove compartment, jacket pockets and work stations. I’m sharing my wisdom with loved ones (mum, sister-in law, cousins) this Holiday season and keeping it 100% practical. I’m fully behind gifting items that the person will use or needs, gifting for the sake of gifting can feel a little wasteful. We live in one of the most dry climates in North America, not to mention one of the coldest. Eos balms have all natural ingredients, are gluten-free, paraben-free & petroleum-free. The eos unique formula has been optimized with oils, butters, waxes AND is rich in vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oils, making it your go to for long-lasting moisture and healthy looking lips and thus the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list. Eos (which stands for Evolution Of Smooth, for those who didn’t know) lip balms come in 7 different flavours: strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, pomegranate raspberry, summer fruit, sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew and passion fruit, the brand new eos shimmer balms are available in sheer pink and pearl for added sparkle. The new flavours are already in all my holiday party bags and because I can’t decide which one is my favourite I’m going to stock up on them all. Oh and yes, I am really into berets! xoxo

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  1. Chantal says:

    I got a EOS balm in my stocking last year, and thought it was the cutest idea! I am partial to mint tho. I’m completely in love with your pics, you make Canada look like Paris! Unless you are not and I am completely fooled! hahaha
    Great work as Always Ania XOX Chantsy

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