I just realized while preparing this post that it has been a while since my last beauty post. Since we’re constantly in the air there is little room for flatlays and glamour shots, not that those aren’t welcome. Focusing on beauty is a really nice change. This is why we work in so many different genres of lifestyle, no two days are the same and every project allows for creativity and thought. Every image has to have purpose and tell a story, outside of the accompanying text. Posting for the sake of meeting a quota doesn’t seem like the right way of approaching anything. I’ve been wanting to take photos of the newest Lancomé fragrance, La Vie Est Belle,  in a very specific way. I had an idea of a white empty room and a beautiful gown. I was very inspired by the preview of this fragrance back in February during our visit to Paris. The city, and the Lancomé brand itself also leaving a strong mark on my association with the scent. The perfume is reminiscent of a beautiful classic that transcends time. Some fragrances never go out of style and this is one of them. Iris is the key ingredient and much like the flower itself, it represents freedom and beauty in simplicity. It is a very natural fragrance that you will want to come back to often. Every last detail of the design of La Vie Est Belle is thought out, there is purpose in everything all the way down to the grey ribbon tied around the neck of the bottle, forming the symbolic twin wings of freedom. The fragrance has gone though several incarnations since it’s inception, what remains, however, is the heart and soul of this beautiful perfume. As we are entering the holiday season this is the perfect gift to consider giving someone you love, be it your girlfriend, sister, mum or close friend. The scent comes in several different sizes, eau de parfum and eau de toilette as well as a number of beautiful gift sets perfect for gift giving, this one being one of my favorites. There is nothing to make you feel more sophisticated than learning the art of appreciating a great perfume. I am a total sucker for beautiful things and love to surround myself with them, this one is going to grace my dresser for years to come. xoxo

wearing: reem acra gown

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  1. Wow, Ania — these images (and you!) are simply stunning. A very inspiring post!

  2. Oh my goodness Ania! These images are so beautiful!!!

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