ania-b-style-la-chinatown-7195ania-b-style-la-chinatown-520160808-20160808-20160808-032a7368-editania-b-style-la-chinatown-1320160808-20160808-032a9535-edit-copyania-b-style-la-chinatown-10ania-b-style-la-chinatown-29 la-chinatown-2ania-b-style-la-chinatown-9580 ania-b-style-la-chinatown-20ania-b-style-la-chinatown-15 ania-b-style-la-chinatown-31la-chinatown ania-b-style-la-chinatown-7 ania-b-style-la-chinatown-18made it! while we were in LA a few weeks ago we finally made some time to go and visit the Old Chinatown in DTLA. I have been wanting to see it ever since I found out that was one of [Lindsay Lohan’s] ‘Freaky Friday’ filming locations. One of the most important ones at that. This is where the girls split the fortune cookie and the spell is cast. Thank me later, but seriously who doesn’t love an old Lindsay Lohan classic, am i right or am i right? People seem to have mixed feelings about this spot, saying this isn’t real chinatown, because of course, it looks like a theme park (i should insert right here that is probably the thing I love most about it). In retrospect though isn’t this kind of what we love about visiting other countries, to see the difference in cultures and architecture? These days no matter where you travel you have the same stores, the same glass skyscrapers, the same food and often the same language. The world is quickly inching toward such homogeneity that soon these traditional aspects of our cultures will be the stuff we read in books. I love this romanticized version of Chinatown, I love the red lanterns and the coloured buildings, I love feeling like while I’m inside the confines of these gates I am in a different world. And it wouldn’t be a special occasion without a beautiful three floor dress of course, I treated myself to a pair of miu miu ballerina flats while we were back and this trendetta dress was the perfect piece to play with. I’m beyond obsessed with the brand and am absolutely loving the return of the dress as a full outfit, it, in itself is a romantic return of the days past, not without an added edge of course. xoxo

wearing: three floor trendetta dress, miu miu flats, balenciaga bag

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  1. Love the variety in composition; gives the post so much energy! And to heck with the naysayers. Places like this are eye candy worthy of celebration!

  2. Love it! Your photos are always stunning. Look forward to more, thanks Ania!

    – Kyra

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