ROHTO-220160808-032A6437-Editcoming to you from la, where i’ve made a few new discoveries in the beauty/lifestyle department and found the sure fire cure for jetlag! every time we come south of the border i end up leaving with a list longer than i came with but that is what i love so much about this place. even though we’ve been taking it easy this week i still can’t help but turn my head in every direction when it comes to shopping… of any kind. drug stores are top of my list whenever we are in the us, and this time i struck a gold mine. if you follow me on snapchat (ania_boniecka), or more recently instagram stories (@aniab) you will already have gotten a sneak peek at some of my new favorites, among which are the rohto cooling eye drops. now, full disclosure, i am blind as a bat and i also spend the majority of my life staring at screens (occupational hazard) so straining my eyes isn’t a new issue for me. the best remedy for tired eyes is definitely sleep but we don’t always get so lucky. eye drops have never really been my thing, i have some in all of my bags as a preventative and temporary solution but i hardly ever turn to them. so i was totally surprised, then, when i opened these new rohto drops to find a cute as a button package that resembles a pack of tic tacs and a gel like solution that promises to soothe and freshen your eyes. a little bit of research tells me the brand is based in japan (big points for that), is the #1 global over the counter eye care brand with a one-of-a-kind clear patented bottle with a single drop dispenser and contains freshkick technology that delivers intense freshness and soothes and comforts eyes for up to 8 hours. throw in the summer heat and our constant life on the road and you have the perfect candidate for some of that cooling action. for those of you who wear contacts, make sure that your lenses are out before applying the drops to your eyes. it’s quite a bizzare feeling applying the drops for the first time as the cooling works surprisingly well, your eyes feel fresh and clear after a few blinks, considering the almost burning sensation at time of application. these definitely turn my travel routine around and i couldn’t be more relieved for a product that will work in our dry climate. you can purchase the new drops online at the Rohto Facebook page or at any major retailer. xoxo

this is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of rohto. the opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Thuy says:

    I also have dry eye problems. I used to wear contacts a LOT more but now I wear my glasses more to combat the irritated eyes. Although, when I go back to work permanently, I’ll probably wear contacts just because I like my face better with no glasses and it would likely be a corporate office where image is important. Personally, I use Blink eyedrops from Shoppers but the cooling eye drops also sound good 🙂

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