20160707-20160707-032A4527-Edit Calgary Stampede Day 420160707-20160707-032A5099-Edit20160707-20160707-032A4572-Edit20160707-20160707-032A4480-Edit20160707-20160707-032A5273-Edit20160707-20160707-032A4726-EditStampede Day 420160707-20160707-032A5040-Edit20160707-20160707-032A4684-Edit20160707-20160707-032A4888-Editquite a bitter sweet week this year’s stampede has been, it’s been pouring rain every single day and the grounds attendance must have definitely suffered. it’s been a bit of a gloomy go around. as we are gearing for our last weekend i am still very much excited about the looks i have yet to wear. will i try to fit them all in the two remaining days or will i save them for next year, or even a trip down to california? time will only tell. if there is one thing that i am bad at it’s waiting. i am still craving for my fill of the calgary stampede this year. dressing up is always such a big part of the whole experience for me and this look is one for the books. i love taking it back to the days of the very original spanish cowboys. the pants give off that flamenco moschino vibe (i feel like i totally missed out on the 2011 collection) and the gaucho hat will always be one of my favourite alternatives to the classic cowboy style. ah to only be able to go back in time. xoxo

wearing: equipment x kate moss blouse, zara pants + bag, isabel marant sandals, smithbilt hat

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  1. Love how your location compliments the outfit! Another great post :).

  2. Hila says:

    What a great post – this look is perfect!I love the chic but vintage cowboy look. If there’s anyone who belongs at the fashion industry’s biggest show, it’s you 🙂 So, I’d like to invite you to attend MAGIC Las Vegas as our guest next week. Ania B followers would love to the scoop from your perspective! xoxo

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