20160709-032A6307-Edit 20160709-032A6582-Edit 20160709-032A5467-Edit Stampede breakfast 20160709-032A5780-Edit 20160709-032A6214-Edit20160709-032A5916-Edit 20160709-032A6153-Edit 20160709-032A6920-Edit20160709-032A5768-Edit 20160709-032A6867-Editthe stampede breakfast is one of stampede’s best traditions, because well… free breakfast every morning for 10 days, pancakes, maple syrup and sausages. what’s not to like?! literally thousands of people line up at various locations around the city to taste the spirit of the wild west (check the updated stampede breakfast calendar for the closest breakfast to you). after every good breakfast we head down to the grounds where we usually indulge in more questionable food choices like oreo rice, deep fried oreos, oreo churros (seeing the trend yet?), deep friend coffee, corn batter pickle dogs, regular corn dogs, cowboy popcorn, elephant ears and many many… many more. but it isn’t really stampede without hitting up the rodeo, the indian pow wow, the chuckwagon races and then the amazing grand stand and fireworks show to close off your night. i could talk your ear off about why the calgary stampede is one of the best times of the year. anywhere. in. the. world. but why take my word. come down and see it for yourselves. everybody’s welcome!! xoxo

wearing: ulla johnson dress, smithbilt hat, chloe bag, b low the belt belt, zara sandals

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  1. Thuy says:

    The only thing I would hate about free breakfast there are the endless lines. Hangry is not patient!

  2. Oh my goodness how cute are you!?! Sitting on the sidewalk with your pancakes :). Love it!

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