Ania B Stampede 2016--18Ania B Stampede 2016--2 Ania B Stampede 2016--4 STAMPEDE DOUBLE Ania B Stampede 2016--5 Ania B Stampede 2016--26 Ania B Stampede 2016--8 Ania B Stampede 2016--11 Ania B Stampede 2016--3 STAMPEDE DAY 1Ania B Stampede 2016--15 Ania B Stampede 2016--19 Ania B Stampede 2016--16another year another stampede, another chance to wear some solid western gear aka. my favorite time of the year! this year we are starting off the calgary stampede a little rushed. it actually makes me so glad that i get ready for this occasion throughout the year so that i have enough looks to last me the duration of the festival (10 days, for those just tuning in). i actually got a piece in paris during fashion week in a very unexpected place that i can’t wait to show you. also feeling grateful that the western trend was so happening these last few seasons, making my job a whole lot easier. before the fashion industry moves on i will be sure to stock up on everything bandana print and fringed of course.

this morning, at 7:30am sharp we headed off to the stampede parade with my cousins kids, visiting from denmark, who were watching it for the very first time. it was definitely a mixed experience. i’m used to watching the parade from the back row, with my height it’s never been an issue but when we tried to enjoy it from curbside and close enough for the kids to see and interact with, we faced some really interesting situations and characters along the way. let’s just say that when the apocalypse comes humanity is screwed. i even got a very kind dm from one of you guys who just so happened to be standing by for all this action that really put the whole stampede spirit back on track, not that anything could ruin it for me but it most definitely helped, so thank you!

i know stampede is not for everyone and i get all these messages from friends out east who really don’t get it but i always hope that my love for it can be infectious enough for you guys to at least give it a chance. once you get past the rough exterior and the drunken debauchery it really is one of the funnest times ever. where else are you going to get music, rides, cowboys and a whole lot of entertainment in one place for ten days and a whole city going right along with it. we’re so quick to discount calgary as a place where not much happens, but this is the greatest outdoor show on earth for a reason, it is our tradition, and even though i’ve only been part of it for 17 years i am proud to say i grew up right in the heart of it all. so yahoo! and HAPPY STAMPEDE! xoxo

wearing: zara bomber, denim & supply tee, topshop skirt, adornmonde necklaces, isabel marant sandals & ivy kirzhner backpack

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  1. Thuy says:

    lmao i loved seeing your cousins on your snapchat. also you make everything look fierce. love that last shot.

  2. Love your positivity and hometown pride!

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